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Mountain High Maps Catalog - Philippines
Map Specifications for Philippines

Map identification: 307 Projection system: Conic orthomorphic
Map coverage: Philippines North boundary: 21° 00' N
Image size (pixels): 1,941 x 2,485 pixels South boundary: 04° 00' N
Image size (inches): 6.47 x 8.28 inches East boundary: 128° 00' E
Image size (metric): 164 x 210 millimeters West boundary: 114° 00' E
Resolution per pixel: 800 meters Horizontal scale: 1:4,000,000
RGB file size: 13.8 Mb Vertical scale: 1:820,833
CMYK file size: 18.5 Mb Vertical interval: 250 meters
Grayscale file size:   4.6 Mb Vertical exaggeration: 4.9 times normal
Countries, states  
and territories:

Malaysia, Philippines,

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Elevation low-contrast relief rendering
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Vegetation high-contrast relief rendering
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Grayscale land-only relief rendering
Middle right:
Political low-contrast relief rendering
Lower right:
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