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World Views Vol. 1.1/1.2 - USA Views Vol. 2.2

Meet tomorrow's deadline today! With CoolMapsŪ, a beautiful collection of full color, high-impact maps, the solution is as close as your fingertips. CoolMapsŪ is a CD-ROM series of "ready-to-use", royalty-free designer maps highly favored by desktop publishers and other graphics professionals. Digital WisdomŪ offers two outstanding packages: CoolMapsŪ World, a dazzling 250-map CD-ROM library available in bitmap (JPEG) and vector (EPS) format; and, CoolMapsŪ USA, a brand new bitmap (JPEG) catalog that features a variety of dramatic and special effects on two CD-ROMs, encompassing 260 images.

Each map has been designed and assembled by a team of professional graphics designers, to fit an individual theme or style. Some maps feature flags, stars, and compact discs, other maps include fabric, metal, paper, wood effects and other textures. Outline maps in perspective and abstract views are also included. Give your print, multimedia or Web graphics that competitive edge - try CoolMapsŪ today!

World Views volume 1.1 Vector CoolMaps comprises 250 EPS Adobe Illustrator 6.0 images between 800 Kb and 1.5Mb in size. Each image has several layers so that it can be easily customized to fit your specific needs.

World Views volume 1.2 Bitmap CoolMaps features 250 JPEG RGB images of 16.9 Mb original file size - approx 3,000 x 2,000 pixels at 300 dpi resolution.

USA Views volume 2.2 Bitmap CoolMaps features 260 JPEG RGB images sized at 3785 x 2418 pixels at 300 dpi resolution. Image file sizes are designed with sufficient quality to support imagesetter page size output.

technical specifications for the CoolMaps WORLD EPS and JPEG volumes.
Review technical specifications for the CoolMaps USA JPEG volumes.
Download CoolMaps Catalog and Browser software for each volume.

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