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Frequently Asked Questions - CoolMaps
For additional information, please see the Mountain High Maps Online User Guide.

Q: I cannot drag and drop between the browser and my application.

A: This is generally a question of memory available to move the CoolMaps images between browser catalog and the application - these images can be very large - as much as 14 Mbytes for the JPEG images. A way to test this is to drag and drop a smaller image. If the drag and drop works for smaller file size images then it is a memory problem; if the drag and drop does not work, the application is probably not supported for drag and drop. Place modules are included for Photoshop, Illustrator - others may have been added as they became available. A further word of caution - the drag and drop operation with large files may take a lengthy period of time.

Q: How can I get Adobe PageMaker to display an image instead of a grey box?

Q: In QuarkXpress, there is difficulty printing from the JPEG CoolMaps. Basically you cannot print unless you converts to TIFF. Is this correct?

A: The problem is not that it's a JPEG - it's that it is in RGB mode (we are assuming that separations are required because RGB JPEGs will print as colour composites straight from QuarkXPress - on an ink jet printer for example).

To print as separations the map must first be changed to CMYK mode (in Photoshop or some other image-editing application). It can then be saved as a TIFF / JPEG / EPS or whatever else QuarkXPress can import. The preferred format for separation output is EPS DCS (five files for each image), which can be output on an imagesetter much faster than any other format.

The reason that it is in RGB, is a) that not everyone wants CMYK files (multimedia and web users for example), and b) those who do want CMYK format usually prefer to convert to CMYK after they have done the manipulation work (smaller files thus faster), and also use their own separation tables (there are many) depending on what the print method is to be.

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