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Frequently Asked Questions - GlobeShots
For additional information, please see the GlobeShots Online User Guide.

Q: Macintosh cannot open TIFF files on GlobeShots.

A: Make sure you are opening the Mac files in “The Globes” folder. The folder called “Globes” is a Windows folder.

Q: The high-res globe images have jaggies around the edges.

Q: I cannot drag and drop between the browser and my application.

A: This is generally a question of memory availability to move the high resolution GlobeShots images between browser catalog and the application - these images are approx 14 Mbytes. A way to test this is to drag and drop the low resolution images (PICT for Mac or BMP for Windows) - these images are only a few hundred kbytes. If the drag and drop works for low res images then it is a memory problem; if the drag and drop does not work, the application is probably not supported for drag and drop. Place modules are included for Photoshop, QuarkXpress, PageMaker, Painter, FreeHand, Illustrator, Premiere, MS Word - others may have been added as they became available.

Q: The output film or prints have visible banding - how can I avoid or minimize these bands?

Q: Can the images be converted to grayscale?

A: Yes, in Photoshop, use Mode and click Grayscale. The contrast of the image can be altered using Image > Adjust > Curves or Brightness / Contrast.

Q: In Windows, I cannot get the Browser to find images with “contains” names.

A: Pull down “Everything” and click “Notes”, then enter your search descriptor.

Q: How can I create a Star Burst effect on a globe view?

Q: How can I get Adobe PageMaker to display an image instead of a grey box?

If your question or product is not listed, commmunicate by email with a technical specialist:

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